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2018 EYC Flamingos

With your generous donation of at least $25.00 to the St. James EYC Fundraiser, a surprise flocking of bright pink flamingos will occur at the property of your choosing in the Baton Rouge metro area -- unless your chosen flockee has purchased a policy of protection with a St. James Flamingo Insurance Policy!

The flamingos will roost with your flockee for a brief period of time, and our notice will identify you as the originator of their flock, unless you request to remain anonymous.

Insurance? In consideration of your donation of at least $50, your yard will be protected from roosting flocks of St. James Flamingos during Epiphany 2017.

Make your donation with your checking account or debit/credit card here.

Then, just forward your email receipt of payment to Hannah Rothermel, along with the order form (or, be sure to include all required information in your email). Payment in advance is required to get your flocking on the schedule, which fills up fast!

Download Flamingo Order Form, here.




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