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Campaign for our Historic Church


Dear People of St. James,

I hope you will join me in Bishops Hall on Sunday, February 26, following the 10:30 service for the official kick-off of a capital campaign, “The Love of Christ Forever.”

There has been extensive conversation over the last eighteen months concerning the pressing need for major renovation on our much treasured and historic church building. This involves repointing all the exterior masonry work, but it includes other concerns as well.  Information about all proposed innovations will be shared at the meeting.

St. James Church in Baton Rouge was established in 1844 on the spot where it stands today. The current church building was built in 1896. For 173 years, the love of God in Christ has been proclaimed here. For 121 years, that word has been lived and spoken from this pulpit and this church. We follow in a long line of dedicated Episcopalians who have come before us. It is now the turn of our generation to insure our continued proclamation in Baton Rouge.

The meeting will not be long, but it is important. Please come.


The Very Rev. Joe D. Reynolds
Interim Rector


More Information:

You can view the presentation about the brick issue, here.

You can read the campaign booklet, here.





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