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Killgore Hall Update


At our June 19, 2017 Vestry meeting, we approved spending up to $224,000 to demolish Killgore Hall and construct a parking lot/playground on the site, subject to the Day School agreeing to pay for the project. The Day School Board has enthusiastically supported financing the demolition of Killgore Hall and converting the site into temporary playground space.

However, the Day School Board is concerned about trying to accomplish the demolition during the summer of 2017, due to timing issues with respect to job completion before school opens, and defining/obtaining financing prior to starting the project. At the Day School Board’s request, Senior Warden Gerry Sulzer has terminated all efforts to demolish Killgore Hall this summer. Postponing the project until the summer of 2018 allows the Board to firm up their financing, and expands the window for completing the work to the full summer break. Gerry Sulzer also asked the Day School Board to establish a committee to take charge of developing the schedule, costs, financing, and contracting of the work, since this work has become a Day School project.

We are still moving forward with emptying Killgore Hall this summer, hopefully by the end of June/early July. Leaving the building in place for another year will incur some ongoing expenses (utilities and possible insurance and maintenance), we expect these costs to be on the order of $10K or less and will ask the Day School to bear these expenses.

Memo to the Vestry from Senior Warden Gerry Sulzer
June 24, 2017




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