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Treble Choir Auditions


The St. James Treble Choir announces Open Audition Season!

The choir is an auditioned group of girls, and boys with unchanged voices, who are in grades five through ten. There are currently twenty-one students in the choir, representing seven schools in two parishes.

The choir is open to youth in the greater Baton Rouge area who may come from other faith traditions and congregations. The St. James Treble Choir offers a unique and exciting opportunity to introduce our young people of St. James and Baton Rouge to the glorious musical traditions of The Episcopal Church.

Auditions are required for admission in the choir; please contact Eric Johnson to schedule an audition. Although no prior musical training is required, it is important that this is something your youngster wants to do; that they are keenly interested in ensemble singing and are willing to do the work to develop their skills. This is a choir for youngsters who love to sing! The choir sings at two nine o’clock services each month, and rehearses every Thursday evening, during the school year.