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"The whole assembly together was forty-two thousand three hundred sixty, besides their male and female servants, of whom there were seven thousand three hundred thirty-seven; and they had two hundred male and female singers."
-- Ezra 2:64

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Passion Gospel - Year C (for reader assignments)    
March 2016    
February 2016    
January 2016    
December 2015    
November 2015    
October 2015    
September 2015    
August 2015   2015 Vestry Nominating Comittee Form
July 2015 (use Ind. Day and St. James propers)   Strategic Plan 3.0 - August 2015
June 2015   August Vestry Notes
May 2015   2015 Altar Flower Form
April 2015   2015 Easter/Altar of Repose Form
Passion Gospel, Year B    
March 2015    
February 2015    
January 2015   2015 Outreach Information:
    Outreach Brochure/2014 Recipients
December 2014   Outreach 2015 Request for Proposals
November 2014   Outreach - Email Application Form
October 2014   Outreach - Application Form for Print
September 2014   Event Planning Form_Fillable
August 2014   Wedding_Customary
July 2014   Funeral Planning Form
June 2014   Funeral Planning Form Fillable
May 2014   Columbarium Packet
April 2014   2014ParishPartnerForm
Passion Gospel Year A   Commemorative Gift Form
March 2014   2014 Altar Flower Form
February2014   Expense Reimbursement Request - Excel
January 2014   Expense Reimbursement Request - PDF
Lessons&Carols2013   Brochures:
December2013   TheSacraments
November2013   TheCreeds
October2013   ScriptureTraditionReason
September2013   Episcopalians
August2013   BookofCommonPrayer
July 2013   Stewardship:
June 2013   2014 Stewardship Booklet
May 2013   2013StewardshipBooklet
April 2013   StewardshipBooklet2012
Pronunciation Guide    
Documents Pertaining to The Episcopal Church, Diocese of Louisiana, and St. James
Constitution and Canons of The Episcopal Church Diocesan Constitution and Canons Bylaws_2002
Episcopal Church Foundation - Vital Practices   AV_Bylaws
    AmendedArtsofInc 2002


The Revised Common Lectionary - A service of the Vanderbilt Divinity Library (The Sunday links on our calendar will take you to readings at this site.)

The Daily Office - Provided as a service to the community by Satucket Software.


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