Sunday Worship Services: 8:00 AM // 10:30 AM // 5:00 PM

We’re delighted to present the following Worship, Adult Formation, and Fellowship Programming updates, thanks to the collaborative work performed by all members of the St. James staff! Please note the schedule below; anything not listed is on hiatus, and will be rescheduled as soon as safely possible. Please direct any general questions to

Online Worship Schedule (August 2 – Present)

  • Sunday Schedule
    8 a.m. – Morning Service, Rite I: Facebook Live, YouTube
    10:30 a.m. – Morning Service, Rite II: Facebook Live, YouTube
  • Wednesday Schedule (Starting August 19)
    Noon – Holy Eucharist in the Chapel: Facebook Live, YouTube

In-Person Worship Schedule (August 2 – Present)

  • Sunday Schedule
    8 am – Morning Service
    10:30 a.m. – Morning Service

Adult Formation – Sunday Series

  • Sunday, Sept. 13 – Sunday, Oct. 4
    9:15 a.m., “The Book of Psalms: Life’s Hymnal”, led by Fr. Chris, Rector : Online Offering, Facebook & YouTube

    • Many of the great saints in church history are noted as having “prayed the psalms daily.” What is it about the psalms that speak to all the seasons of life? This class will rely on the studies of Walter Brueggemann as we explore the various types of psalms and how they speak to our life today.
  • Sunday, Oct. 11 – Sunday, Oct. 18
    9:15 a.m., “Singing the Psalms”, led by Shannon Gallier, Director of Music: Online Offering, Facebook & YouTube

    • As a follow-up to understanding the types of psalms, Shannon Gallier, Director of Music, will lead a class looking at the evolution of singing the psalms as was originally intended by the authors. Shannon will further explore our current use of psalms as sung in plainchant, Anglican chant, and hymnody.
  • Sunday, Oct. 25 – Sunday, Nov. 15
    9:15 a.m., “The Blessed Company of All Faithful People”, led by Fr. Drew, Sr. Associate Rector: Online Offering, Facebook & YouTube

    • You are invited to walk with the saints in love by exploring different topics within the life of the Church and the impact different men and women of faith had on that topic. Such areas of focus include the interpretation of scripture, theology, liturgy, prayer, etc.
  • Sunday, Nov. 29 – Sunday, Dec. 13
    9:15 a.m., “The Victoria Effect”, led by Fr. Chris, Rector: Online Offering, Facebook & YouTube

    • Queen Victoria and her reign had an immense effect on the Church not only in England, but throughout the world. This three-week class will explore this effect on Christmas, liturgy, hymnody, and more.

Adult Formation 

Adult Fellowship

  • Wednesday, Sept. 9 – Wednesday, Oct. 28
    5 p.m., “Wine, Cheese, and a Question”, led by Fr. Don White. Email for access: Online Offering, Zoom.

    • The group will consist of mostly informal fellowship, but each week’s gathering will conclude with a thought-provoking question. You bring your favorite beverage and cheese while Fr. Don provides the Question.
  • Mondays: Sep. 19, Oct. 16, Nov. 21
    7 p.m., “St. James Bad Girls Book Club”. Small group, in-person. Led by Monica Murphy. Email