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“Everyone then who hears these words of mine and acts on them will be like a wise man who built his house on rock.”
-- Matthew 7:24

Adult Education


Spring 2019

Fr. Chris Duncan begins "Glory into Glory," on Sunday, January 6 at 9:15 a.m. Read more, here.

Class videos will be posted here, within 24 hours of each session.

Sunday, January 20 - Glory into Glory, Session 3

Table Questions with Summarized Notes


Sunday, January 13 - Glory into Glory, Session 2

Table Grid and Discussion Questions with Summarized Notes


Sunday, January 6 - Glory into Glory, Session 1


Table Discussion Questions with Summarized Notes



Spring 2018

A Daily Dose of Scripture

A study and discussion of the lectionary readings for each Sunday, led by the Rev. Ralph F. Howe, Jr., along with Ed Henderson, Casey Duncan, and Annie Jung, gathers in the Parish Hall small parlor, at 9:15 a.m.

The Four Gospels

The Very Rev. Joe D. Reynolds leads this series, Sunday mornings at 9:15 a.m. in the CSF Atrium on the third floor of the Ministries Center.

Class Videos (most recent, first):


Sunday, May 13 - The Four Gospels, Concluding Session 9


Sunday, May 6 - The Four Gospels, Session 8


Sunday, April 29 - The Four Gospels, Session 7

Sunday, April 22 - The Four Gospels, Session 6

Sunday, April 15 - The Four Gospels, Session 5

Sunday, March 25- The Four Gospels, Session 4

Sunday, March 18 - The Four Gospels, Session 3

Sunday, March 11 - The Four Gospels, Session 2

Sunday, March 4 - The Four Gospels, Session 1


Pure Grace: The Application of 12-Step Principles to Life

The Very Rev. Joe D. Reynolds' forum based on his own manuscript. 

Starting March 4: The Four Gospels

Videos (most recent, first):

Sunday, February 25, Session XVI - Serenity Prayer & Conclusion


Sunday, February 18, Session XV


Sunday, February 4, Session XIV


Sunday, January 28, Session XIII - Amends


Sunday, January 21, Session XII - "I Love You":


Sunday, December 10, Session XI - To Forgive or Not To Forgive:


Sunday, December 3, Session X - The Moral Inventory - Confession, Absolution, Reconciliation:


Sunday, November 19, Session IX - The Intervention:


Sunday, November 12, Session VIII - Sin and Step 4:


Sunday, November 5, Session VII - What is Step 3?:


Sunday, October 29, Session VI - Step 2:


Sunday, October 22, Session V - Denial:


Sunday, October 15, Session IV - The Group:


Sunday, October 8, Session III - My Story:


Sunday, October 1, Session II - History of the 12-Step Program:


Sunday, September 17 - Introduction:



Previous Semester Video Links:

Click here for Fall 2016: The Interim Rector's Forum - Various Topics

Spring 2017: The Episcopal Church with the Very Rev. Joe D. Reynolds, with links to videos:

Videos (most recent, first):

Session 16 (Final): Sunday, May 21 -


Session 15: Sunday, May 14:


Session 14: Sunday, April 30:


Session 13: Sunday, April 23:


Session 12: Sunday, April 9:


Session 11: Sunday, April 2:


Session 10: Sunday, March 26:


Session 9: Sunday, March 12:


Session 8: Sunday, March 5:


Session 7: Sunday, February 17 - The Hallmarks of Anglicanism

British Version American Version

I am an Anglican,
I am C.E.
Not the High Church, nor Low Church,
But Protestant, Episcopal, and Free.
Not a Methodist,
Not a Presbyter,
Not a Baptist, white with foam,
I am an Anglican, just one step from Rome,
I am an Anglican, just one step from Rome

I am an Anglican,
I am P.E.
Not a High Church, not a Low Church,
But a Protestant, a Catholic, and Free.
Not a Presby,
Not a Lutheran,
Not a Baptist, white with foam,
I am an Anglican, just two steps from Rome,
I am an Anglican, via media, Boom Boom!
Alternate final phrase:
"I am an Anglican, Britannia, Boom Boom!"
Alternate final phrase:
"I am an Anglican, via media, my home."


Session 6: Sunday, February 12 - Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, and the emergence of an Anglican Church


Session 5: Sunday, February 5 - The Seeds of Anglicanism


Session 4: Sunday, January 29 - Morality and The Bible


Session 3: Sunday, January 22 - More about the Bible, an Episcopal Perspective


Session 2: Sunday, January 15 - Bible Overview, an Episcopal Perspective


Session 1: Sunday, January 8 - My Story:


The Interim Rector's Forum - Fall 2016

You can view previous sessions of the Interim Rector's Forum with the Very Rev. Joe Reynolds, below. (In the videos, below, only Joe's+ presentation portion is viewable to maintain privacy of conversation with those present in the forum.) Joe's+ Rules of Engagement for this conversation are here.

FINAL Session 12: Sunday, December 11 - Forgiveness: What It is and What It Is Not


Session 11: Sunday, December 4 - Who Speaks for the Church? is below. Click here to read Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Letter from a Birmingham Jail


Session 10: Sunday, November 20 - Women and Inclusive Language in the Church can be viewed, here:


Session 9: Sunday, November 13 - American Civil Religion can be viewed, here:


Session 8: Sunday, November 6 can be viewed, here:


Session 7: Sunday, October 30 - We apologize that due to technical issues, this video stops slightly short of Fr. Joe's full presentation.


The Sunday, October 23 session is here:


Here is the Sunday, October 16 session:


The Sunday, October 9 session can be viewed, here.


The Sunday, October 2 session can be viewed, here. 


The Sunday, September 25 forum was the start of several sessions on the Bible -- what is says, what it doesn't say, how it's read. You can view it, below, and the handout he refers to is here


Sunday, September 18, was an introduction to his forum style, his hopes for the series, and some of the topics he will be covering. The video from this session is below. 


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