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2019 Hymnathon


Our wonderful Treble Choir is making plans to attend a Royal School of Church Music summer course in Houston, Texas in June. RSCM America is committed to educating church musicians in the traditions of the church and to help them grow musically and spiritually. Our choristers will have the opportunity to work and study with some of the leading musicians and singers in The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion.

The course tuition is nearly $600 per chorister, including their music, but not including travel to and from Houston. So that as many choristers can attend as are willing to make the commitment, the Treble Choir will be hosting a Hymnathon fundraiser on Sunday, May 19 at 4:00 p.m. in St. James Episcopal Church.

Get out your hymnal (or, find all the hymns in the Hymnal 1982, here), pick your favorites, and you can "buy" a hymn -- or two, or three -- to be sung during the Hymnathon. Any hymn in the 1982 hymnal may be selected. A donation of $10 per verse is suggested, but any and all contributions are welcome! If you'd like to dedicate your hymn, we'll include your dedication in the program leaflet.

Look for Hymnathon Donation envelopes in the foyers, narthex of the church, and parlor; or, look for a Treble Choir member with donation envelopes; or, make your donation online, and enter your receipt number on the form, below. Online giving is easy: You can use our regular online donation link (choose "Other Donations," and put "Hymnathon" or 800600 in the memo box pop-up), or use our event donation page, hereOr, text STJAMESBR $_____ HYMNATHON to 73256 putting in your desired contribution amount, then send the receipt, with your hymn and dedication information to us, here!




2019 Treble Choir Hymnathon

Any hymn in the Hymnal 1982 may be selected.

Do you have a dedication for this hymn? Enter that, here:



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