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Post Storm Check-In

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Yesterday the Baton Rouge area awoke to a prodigious rainstorm dropping up to seven inches of water in some places in a relatively short period of time. As news reports have come in about localized flooding, several have reached out to check on the church/school facilities as well as those in our church community. Thank you for your concern.

First and foremost, if your home or property received damage in yesterday’s storm, then please reach out to either Fr. Ralph (225-247-9994) or me (225-270-3448). Even if you do not need assistance, we would like to know. If you do need assistance, then we can put together a team of people to help.

As for the church and school facilities, all-in-all the buildings and grounds survived unscathed. The usual leaks leaked, and we are continuing our efforts to get those sealed. We even found a few new leaks in the process but will address those as quickly as possible. Also, due to the volume of water dropping, the water from the city drainage backed up into the Ministries Center basement, but this did not lead to any damage and has since subsided. Finally, the storm appears to have interfered with the thermostat computer system, but that is being investigated today so that we are back online for Sunday services.

Thank you for everything that you do for St. James.


Fr. Chris




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