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Creating Online Account for Directory Access and Giving

Online Member/Giving Account FAQ

If you've not yet activated your account through AccessACS, please read through the FAQ, below, for important sign-on instructions. If you need help, please contact the accounting office at 225-421-3550 for answers to your sign-on and finance questions; or, Jo Craddock, who can help you with sign-on issues.

Access ACS -- a restricted, online version of our church database provided through state-of-the art encryption -- allows us to have an always-current directory online for registered church members. As well, you can make one-time donations or schedule recurring payments toward your pledge, for memorials, altar flowers, the St. James Food Pantry, and other items. Through Access ACS, our parishioners, guests and visitors can register and pay for events online!

We are excited to offer this option, and if, after reviewing the requirements and instructions, you have any questions or problem, please do not hesitate to contact us by email, or phone us at 225-387-5141.

In order to log into Access ACS, we must have an email address for you on file. Your first name, last name and email address must match what is on file, or you will not be allowed to create a log-in. For example, if you aren't sure whether we have you listed as William or Bill, just call the office to find out.

You must register as a new user the first time you Access ACS. Click on the "Need a login?" link.

On the next screen is the Account Sign Up. Type in your email address, first name and last name, and click "Find me."

If your information matches what we have on file, you will get a message indicating you have successfully created a member account. A username and password will be emailed to you at the address we have on file for you (which is the one you needed to get this far!).

You will need to save your username, but the obscure password will be used only once because you'll be required to change that the first time you use it to log in. Just use copy-and-paste to enter it for the first time.

When creating your first password, or resetting it, you must get a green bar for password strength. As you create your password, remember the following:

  • It should not contain your username or email address
  • It should not contain any of these characters: <&>/\;% [space]' or "
  • It should contain two or more numbers
  • It should contain both lower and uppercase letters
  • It should be over eight (8) characters long

You may use the button above, or here, to log in. You may also bookmark the new page that opens from this link to go directly to Access ACS for St James when desired.

You will be able to submit updates to your email address, phone numbers or mailing address. Changes will be reviewed and only reflected in the records after approval by the church office.

You will be able to view your own pledge and contribution history, but you will not be able to view contribution information on anyone outside of your family.

You may go to the Personal Preferences page under My Profile and indicate whether other members may be allowed to view your contact information (name, address, phone number, email address).

Under "Directories," you can view the most current membership list of St. James Episcopal Church, excepting, of course, members who have chosen to keep their information private, as described above. (Please note that although the links say "Print" a directory, it prints only to your screen unless you choose to use the print function in your browser to print the directory.)

There is a hyperlink on the login screen, "Forgot your password?" located under the username and password sign-in boxes. This will initiate the same type of process as when you first signed in: the obscure password will be sent to your email of record, which you can use to sign in once, and then reset your password to one of your own choosing that meets the strong password requirements. We can only provide your username; we do not have access to any passwords.

Why, yes . . . yes, there is! Look for ACS Church Life at the iTunes or Android market. They are free. At this time, the app is limited to the directory information, only, but a great resource for keeping in touch with your church family!

The modest fees associated with online giving are deducted from the church's account -- there is no additional fee to you. We believe the convenience and additional option of online giving will result in additional and/or more consistent gifts which offset the fees, but should you care to adjust your gift to reflect the charges being paid by the church, you may be interested to know that each bank card transaction incurs a processing fee of 2.29% plus 35-cents. An ACH (bank account -- checking or savings) transaction carries only the 35-cent processing fee. Additionally, there are 35-cent batch fees applied once for bankcards and ACH each day there are transactions; and finally, there is a $10 monthly fee paid by the church to service the online account regardless of the number or amount of gifts and transactions.

Go to Online Giving Now!


Online Giving toward your Pledge

Use our online giving portal for:

  • Making one time gifts toward your pledge
  • Scheduling recurring, automatic gifts toward your pledge
  • Select the pledge year your gift should be attributed to so you can easily follow your plan of giving
  • Making one-time or scheduled gifts to certain other funds (Flower Fund, We Care Ministry, Memorial/Honorarium Gifts, etc.) beyond your pledged gift
  • Event payments for St. James hosted and sponsored events (Vacation Church School, Summer Sounds, etc.) can often be paid online depending on the event specifics.

Gifts may be paid by debit/credit card (perhaps earning all-important reward points!) or by electronic debit from your checking or savings account.

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