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"Give to everyone who begs from you, and do not refuse anyone who wants to borrow from you."
-- Matthew 5:42

We Care Bags


While volunteering at the Ministries Center lobby desk as greeters, Warren Green and his late wife, Boots, were overcome with requests for "something to eat" coming to our door. Thus began the We Care ministry at St. James.


For about $2 per bag, we can provide those living on the streets downtown, or the working poor, a part of their daily nutrition requirements. The We Care bag consists of:

  • a protein item,
  • carbohydrate item,
  • Vitamin C item,
  • small beverage 

A typical bag may contain a can of Vienna sausage, a nutrition bar with fiber and protein, package of cheese crackers, a strip of Fruit Roll-up, and a small bottle of water -- not a lunch most of us would envy, or make us want to wait in line, out in the cold or heat, but it may be the most well-balanced meal of the day for some of our neighbors, and we are limited to having 40-50 bags per weekday to share with our neighbors.


We also offer our prayer for the recipient of the We Care on a small card included in the bag. Carole and Phillip Wright spend untold hours managing inventory, scheduling volunteers, and even reproducing and cutting the prayer cards. You can help, and for students, this work often qualifies under service hour requirements. 



Want to help?

Volunteers to pack We Care Bags - This can be done just about anytime the church office is open, at your convenience, after only a brief training session. Your time does usually need to be scheduled so that inventory is ready to be prepped. Contact Phillip Wright for more information or to let him know when you can come by.


Each We Care bag costs about $2.00. Can you spare a bag per week? How about two? Or, a bag per day? Click here to make your recurring donation to the We Care ministry. Or, put your check in the mail or Sunday collection plate with "We Care" in the memo line.


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