“Does someone’s drinking cause you problems, such as embarrassment, anger, or worry?

If your answer is yes, you are not alone and Al-Anon may be able to help. Please visit the website for the Baton Rouge Al-Anon Information Services (AIS)  There you can find a quiz, literature, and a schedule of the Baton Rouge Al-Anon meetings.

“I grew up in an alcoholic home and have been an active member of the Al-Anon Program for 16 years. When asked what my personal recovery has provided, my immediate response is Peace of Mind. By attending weekly meetings, following the 12 Steps, and sharing my worries with my sponsor, I am able to sleep peacefully at night and keep the focus on my well-being. And, all of this is possible in spite of currently having several active alcoholics in my life. So, if you yearn for serenity and joy while living in the midst of chaos, Al-Anon may also be the answer for you. Wishing you God’s Peace.”
Catherine Altazan, LCSW