Visitor Information

No matter whether you are a saint, sinner, skeptic, or all of the above, St. James warmly welcomes ALL people and we look forward to personally greeting you if you choose to visit us. Sundays include three services with similar but different feels. Click here to learn more about our different services of Holy Eucharist.

Our Mission:

Proclaim Christ crucified and risen, and invite all to join in ministry together in His name.

We Are Dedicated To:

Faith, authenticity, hospitality, compassion, and stewardship.

Directions and Parking

St. James Episcopal Church is located at 205 N. 4th Street, between Florida and Convention Streets in downtown Baton Rouge.

Traveling via interstate from North: the Florida Street exit leads toward 4th Street; from the south/east, take the Convention Street exit toward 4th St.

Curbside parking can be found along Convention Street between N. 4th and N. 5th Street, and the east side of N. 4th Street, including spots reserved for those with handicapped tags or plates. Across N. 4th Street from the front of the church, the St. James parking lot offers free parking. There is a lot accessible from 4th Street across the street from the church and one on the right on convention street between 4th and 3rd Streets.