Construction to renovate the interior of the historic church began on May 1, 2020. The scope of the work will include several much needed projects including plaster restoration, updated electrical and lighting, upgrade A/C and heating, add fire suppression system, restore wood floors with carpet runners, refinish pews and restore other wood work, install new organ, improve drainage around church, and restore landscaping around the church. Continue to check back here for period updates.

May 8, 2020


The renovations to the church interior began with haste this week. The first step was to map out the furniture and plaque layout throughout the church. Then the pews were carefully removed one by one. Next, all of the carpet was removed to expose the original wood floors and assess their condition. Finally, during the weekend, the piece-by-piece removal of the 1975 Schlicker organ will begin. Some of the pipe work will be reused by Goulding and Wood in the new organ which is slated to be delivered in late 2020. Additionally, many of the mechanical pieces and pipe work are being recycled by St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, here in Baton Rouge. Therefore, the organ removal is a slow process in order to protect and package each of the thousands of pieces.